3 Ways To Start Fresh in the New Year

As we finish up the year and prepare for the next one, it’s often a good time to carve out a chunk of time and start making a dent in tasks you’ve been putting off for weeks (or months).

After all, many of us have a little bit of time off over the end of year / holiday period – and some of us will also start the new year with a fresh mindset and a series of good intentions in the form of New Year’s Resolutions. So why not start off positive! Here’s three easy ways you to make the most of things and kick that to-do list into gear!


Get Fit

Year after year, research shows that getting fit (and the related ‘eat healthier’) is one of the most popular new year’s resolutions… but many of us don’t see results as quickly as desired and return to older habits. It doesn’t help that it’s summer time when the year changes over, so it’s not always the nicest time of year to go out jogging in the sun.

However, the humble home garage or spare room is a great way to start a simple home gym. After all, you don’t actually need a plethora of dumbbells to lose fat or build muscle – there’s so much you can do around the home. A few resistance bands, a chin-up bar, medicine ball and an ab-wheel will set you back under $100 – but combined with a chair, you’ve got a home workout station with over 100 possible exercises to keep things interesting.

For those items that are sitting around catching dust in the garage (the camping gear you only use once a year… those boxes in the spare room…) – pop them into one of our self storage units! Space around the home is always better utilised for something productive – not storing piles of boxes or for items you don’t use very often. Store it!


Get Organised

As Marie Kondo says, “Tidying orders and relaxes the mind”. As we transition from one year into another, make the most of your free time and get organising. As we’ve mentioned before in our seasonal storage post, it’s easy to find items you don’t use regularly.

Turn then inside out, upside down or back to front – if they’re still that way 6 months later, then you probably haven’t used it enough to warrant keeping it in your home, using up previous space. Store it, or sell it.


Home Renovations

This time of year is also great for those home renovation projects – whether it’s a bit of gardening, a repaint or a kitchen / bathroom refit, now’s a great time to start. The Boxing Day & New Year sales mean the things you’ll need are cheaper than ever, and the additional time means you can focus and get things done.

We also have short rental timeframes available for our self storage units – perfect for storing items away or out of harms way during renovations.

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