Choosing the right storage unit

When selecting a suitably sized storage unit, there should be more considerations on your list than just the price per month.


Location within the self storage facility

If you’re storing for the short term, for example, a driveway storage unit may be more suitable for your needs than one further away without direct vehicle access. Imagine many trips to and from the car to load up the unit, only to have to do it all over again when it comes time to move out a few weeks or months later.

On the flip side, the physical location of the unit within your chosen self storage facility may not matter so much if you’re storing for a longer period of time. On that note, pretty much all of our units are accessibly directly from the driveway, but not every facility is the same – so make sure you do your research!


Unit size & layout

The size of your unit too, can play a big part in how much time it takes to pack, stack, sort and retrieve items from your self storage unit. Will you need to retrieve items from your storage unit from time to time? If so, would it be more suitable to go one size up, so you can have a little ‘pathway’ down the middle of the unit so you can easily grab things from the edges and the rear of the unit?

Here at Otaki Self Storage, for example, for not much more than $10 extra per week, you’ve can almost double the cubic meterage of your storage space – making item or box retrieval mid-way during your storage time with us much easier and less stressful. This is particularly important if you are renovating and need to retrieve tools or something else of importance from your storage unit.

The adage “time is money” rings true in all facets of life these days, so is having to shuffle around an entire storage unit just to find what box your paintbrushes are in really worth an hour of your time, or is a few extra dollars a week more worthwhile to you?

Of course, everyone is different – which is why we have units of all different sizes and prices to suit everyone’s needs!


Location & security of facility

Finally, the location of your chosen storage facility needs to be considered, too. Sure, there might be a suspiciously cheap self storage facility down the back of an industrial estate somewhere, but what if it’s located in an unsavoury area – do you really want to be alone there at night? Is there lighting, CCTV security, fire proofing, insurance on offer?

Consider too, the ease of access of a facility. Is it easy to find for removal companies, is it located near a main road or major highway so you can get in and out and then get back on with your day? These and many other factors should all play into your choice of self storage facility.

Here are Otaki Secure Storage, our facility is very new and has the latest in security, safety and fire-proofing technologies to keep you, and your stored goods, safe and sound. Plus we’re conveniently located a stone’s throw from Main Highway.

Get in touch today to get started!

Post by Otaki Secure Storage

Otaki Secure Storage offers self storage units in Otaki. Our facility is clean, dry and modern - and we have a range of unit sizes available to suit your needs. We also have an on-site manager, fire protection systems, monitored security, and easy-access units for your convenience.

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