Looking for Self Storage Units in Otaki? Compare Apples with Apples

When looking into the different options available for self storage in Otaki, it’s important to look at more than just the price. Let’s take a look at some of the other elements to be aware of when choosing a self storage facility…

  • Facility design: You want to be able to get in and out with ease; the same goes for removalists who charge by the hour. Sure, a unit up in the back corner of a 3 story block at another storage facility might seem a little cheaper at first, but if your removalists are charging by the hour to cart items up stairs, on and off trolleys, up and down goods lifts… it all adds up to an expensive move in. Our units are all easy to access.
  • Security, safety & access: Some storage facilities employ cheap “security” which consists of a simple fence and a gate that gets left open all day. Our facility is far more secure… we have an on-site manager, CCTV, monitored security systems and card access for all storers. We also have proper fire protection systems. What kind of protection would you prefer for your personal possessions?
  • Unit types: When shopping around, check that the facility has the right unit for you. Sometimes facilities will simply rent you half a shipping container with a flimsy wall protecting your goods from that of the storer who has the other half. Not here at Otaki Secure Storage – all of our units are properly constructed. After all, we’re a purpose-built storage facility with purpose built fire protection systems. We also have a range of spaces designed especially for caravans and camper trailers, as well as for boats.
  • Location: The facility should be easy to get to, but also easy to access. So often a facility may be conveniently placed alone a main road or near a major shopping center, but access becomes a pain due to traffic congestion and a lack of space to turn larger vehicles such as removal trucks. Once again, remember that most removalists charge by the hour!


Why choose Self Storage Units at Otaki Secure Storage

Remember: It’s always important to consider more than just the price and always compare apples with apples. After all, these are your possessions we’re talking about! Get in touch with Otaki Secure Storage for cost-effective, safe & secure self storage units in Otaki.

Post by Otaki Secure Storage

Otaki Secure Storage offers self storage units in Otaki. Our facility is clean, dry and modern - and we have a range of unit sizes available to suit your needs. We also have an on-site manager, fire protection systems, monitored security, and easy-access units for your convenience.

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