Can I book online?

Yes, you can book a unit online up to 7 days in advance. Please call us if you would like to discuss booking further out.

How much notice do I need to give before moving in?

Please give us 48hrs notice before you require the unit. We are only open by appointment and we need to arrange a time to meet up to check your ID, hand you a scan card for your unit that will open the gate and deactivate alarms. And, if you don’t have a padlock for your unit door, we can arrange to sell you one on the day we meet up.

Do the units & complexes have security measures in place?

Yes, each unit has its own smoke alarm and door alarm. There are beams, scanners and cameras operating all around the complexes. All alarms are monitored 24/7. Access is only allowed between 6am and 10pm. Management will need to approve access outside these hours.

Do I need to give notice when leaving?

Yes, if you know you are going to move out please let us know. We don’t hold you to the day you have said because we know life can get in the way. Leave the garage door down & bolt slid in, scan on the yellow pole to leave and put the scan card in the grey scan card return letter box on the front fence.

Once out, and on that day, email, text, or call us to let us know you are all out. We will process the move out and return any unused lease fees back to your bank account or send a final invoice out to you.

Remember lease fees are charged until you have told us you have moved out, also cancel any A/P set up to us (leaving for the last time instructions are on the sign attached to the yellow pole).

Do I need to keep you informed of my current contact details?

Yes, it is vital that we always have your latest contact details such as address, email address, landline and cell numbers, so we can communicate with you at all times about your account.

Are the units dry and rodent free?

We believe they are on the day you move in, but we cannot guarantee they stay that way. We do put rodent baits in the units so if any rodents come with your contents or get in they will eat the bait and pass away.

We carry out maintenance on the units and check them each time they come free, but we do also rely on the customer to check the contents each time they are in for any water damage.

It is important your goods are well packed and maybe even covered with plastic for long term storage. In the area we are in there is a chance of a 1/100 year flood where we may get some ponding.

The units are built at a ground level higher than the road, each complex has its own drainage system and any overflow is designed to head to the road and away.

Do the units have sprinkler systems in them?

No, we believe there is more chance of water damage from them. We do have hoses and fire extinguishes around the complexes. Also, we use in areas that we have electrical boards a product called fireballs that will self explode once flames reach them, releasing fire extinguisher powder, putting out any flames within a 3m x 3m area.

What fire fighting systems do you have at OSS?

We have smoke alarms in each unit with an outer door, and the 10 Lm passageways have up to 3 smoke alarms in them. All smoke alarms are monitored 24 / 7 by a monitoring company.

We also have fire extinguishers around the complexes. 13 Riverbank Road complex has a unit area separated into 4 cells to slow the spread of fire. 19 Riverbank Road complex units are each fire celled for up to one hour between each other.

What are the access hours?

You can access each complex between 6am and 10pm, 7 days a week.

Can I let a person in or out of the complex?

Yes, If you know them and they are there to help you, eg: a family member, friend, or moving company. Anyone else asking to enter you should tell them to contact management on 0800 364 632 please.

Scan with your scan card one of the green scanners on the signs “To let a person in or out” they are around inside of each complex. Refer to our site plan at the front by the yellow pole or the site plan on this website for your nearest one to your unit.

Do the units have power?

No, we do not have any power source available to the public in the units. This is to reduce the risk of fire.  Any item coming in with a power source must have the battery negative lead discounted or the batteries removed out of the item.

Can I leave my car / truck or a trailer in the compound?

No, all vehicles and or trailers and trucks must have the driver / owner with them at all times. This is for other clients and the fire service been able to access units at all times.

Can I work out of my unit?

No, you can come and go picking up items for your business. But at no point work out of your storage unit.

Can I do my car up, or carry out other hobbies in my unit?

No, at no stage can you carry out maintenance or do up your car, or carry out any hobbies in your unit.


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