Self storage over the holidays

As we head into the festive season to close out another year, many of us use the opportunity to take some extra time off between the various public holidays.

Whether it’s to relax, spend time with family & friends, or tackle some of those larger projects around the home – it’s a great chance to make use of your local self storage facility to lend a hand! Let’s take a look…


Home renovations

The end of-year period often provides a great opportunity to work on those larger projects around the house. Whether it’s painting the exterior, tackling that new garden or re-doing the flooring on the deck outside, self storage provides a great spot to store items while the work takes place.

This keeps items dust & dirt free, and creates more spare around the home while the renovation takes place. It’s also a great, safe and secure place for items that might otherwise get in the way of a renovation – such as a caravan, trailer, or even tables and other furniture that take up a bit of space.


Cleaning or downsizing

If you’re doing a big “spring clean” (well, summer clean), one of our self storage units could be perfect for storing items that you’re moving around or are waiting to sell on TradeMe.

If you’re moving into a smaller place to save some money, why not store your larger goods and items of furniture? It’s a secure place to keep your possessions – particularly if the move isn’t a long-term one.


Hiding gifts

A short-term rental at our Otaki self storage facility over the November & December period may also be just the ticket to store & hide gifts – such as that new cubby house, disassembled trampoline or bike to keep the kids from guessing!


Holidays & holiday gear

If you’re heading away for the holidays, our self storage facility is a great place to store items that you don’t need while you’re away on your travels. This could be anything from keeping the trailer safe & secure at our site, the jetski, or any larger items that might otherwise be out on display in the yard.

Seasonal holiday gear, too, can be stored at our facility with ease – such as camping or ski gear that you may not be putting to much use over the summer period. You could even use a smaller unit and swap gear around as the seasons change – swap the ski’s for the surfboard, or the fire pit for the folding chairs as seasons change.


Box supply

And finally, we come to the packaging side of things. Some self storage facilities have an on-site box shop – but if you’re in the area, try Mega Mitre 10 or a local Bunnings store for boxes. These boxes are perfect for storing and protecting items during home renovations such as shoes & clothing (to protect from dust and paint, for example), or even larger items such as home appliances.

Boxes are also great when downsizing. Pack your winter woolies and coats as we head into summer, and store them safely in the roo-space or under the stairs at home – or here at Otaki Secure Storage in one of our smaller units. This means you can use the space for something more exciting, such as the Christmas tree – or any larger gifts you may have received.

Boxes are also great for hiding gifts such as they new bike for the little ones in and around the home, or at our facility.


From all the team at Otaki Secure Storage, thank you for your support during 2019. Have a safe and enjoyable festive season and remember, if you need anything self storage related, we’re only a phone call away!

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