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While self storage is great for storing your business documents & records, household goods or furniture during a home renovation or move, not everything is storage friendly. Here are some things to think about when deciding what to store… Toxic or combustible goods: For obvious reasons, items such as gas bottles, fuel tanks, oxygen tanks, […]

When selecting a suitably sized storage unit, there should be more considerations on your list than just the price per month.   Location within the self storage facility If you’re storing for the short term, for example, a driveway storage unit may be more suitable for your needs than one further away without direct vehicle […]

Whether it’s due to moving in with a partner, renting a smaller apartment near uni, or because of a growing family, there’s always a time in one’s life when space at home might be limited – particularly in the wardrobe department! So why not take advantage of seasonal changes to make the most of your […]

Today’s younger generations love buying (read: collecting!) things. Whether it’s the latest iPhone or a new pair of runners, we just love ‘stuff’! But the problem of storage comes to a head when we all want ‘the next big thing’ …what happens to the old phone, that surfboard we tried once – or that ski […]

When it comes to packing items in storage, there seems to be two different approaches. There’s the “get a big unit and put anything anywhere and hope we don’t need to find it anytime soon” method, then there’s the “neat and tidy stacked” method. Of course, some people have also tried going for the first […]

We have recently added to our fire protection tools, the Elide Fireball. At present we have placed them around areas with electrical cabinets and in and around the onsite apartment. These are a great addition to having the fire extinguishers around the place, due to the fact they will self-ignite when fire gets to them. Check […]

We are pleased to announce our brand new website, which featured some useful self storage tips, a size calculator (if you’re not sure how much space you need) as well the ability to pay your self storage invoice online (coming shortly). If you have any questions or experience any issues, please get in touch with us. Our […]

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